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Stringing Components Kit

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So you've picked up some JimaWAX! and/or Money Mesh (good move, by the way), and now you're looking for the stringing supplies to turn that mesh into a premier pocket. Fear not! The Stringing Components Kit has everything you'll need.

Kit includes:
1 - 15 foot long Sidewall Segment
4 - 33" Tipped Laces
1 - 3" x 1.5" Foam Ballstop

15 feet of Sidewall string is enough to string up whatever kind of mesh pocket your heart desires (triangle topstring/Iroquois topstring/Chenango topstring/floating sidewalls... you name it, and there will be enough left over to install a nylon shooter, if that's your thing), and four laces lets you dial in your shooter setup however you want.

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