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Jimalax Lacrosse Mesh first opened up shop in 2000 in upstate New York. For those of you that were wondering the word Jimalax is simply a combination of my name, Jim, my co-owner brother’s, Al, and the common abbreviation for lacrosse, lax. Hey, we were young,  so at that time  we considered combining our names into nonsensical words “genius”. Suffice to say, the name was not the result of any extensive research or focus groups.

Anyway, we started out supplying mesh to a number of mom and pop stores around the United States. We continued along that way for a few years, picking up additional customers from time to time, while also expanding our product line to include such staples as laces (back then there were only four colors), tipped strings and stringing spools, and leathers.

We didn’t launch the website you’re currently reading until January 2004. If you’re thinking our site looks (to put it nicely), utilitarian, you should’ve seen the original version! Back then we only had one black and white picture per item, and to differentiate between colors, I made a bunch of 50 by 50 pixel solid color squares in Paint. Our site was not one of those chosen as an “example” site by our web hosting provider to show off the power of their product, as you can imagine.

The next big change didn’t occur until July 2007, when we moved the business from New York to Arizona and incorporated ourselves, changing our official name to Jimalax Inc. We started off in Tempe, and moved to our current location in Chandler in October 2010. Since we’ve been in Arizona we’ve expanded our product line considerably. We now have quite a few more than four lace colors, and we also now carry all sorts of accessories.

So how is Jimalax today different from the one in 2000? Despite all the years and miles we’ve traversed, not much has changed. We are still a small, privately owned company (still just me and Al). We still manufacture our mesh and stringing supplies ourselves, in the United States. And we still make sure we treat each customer with the respect and appreciation they deserve.

Jimalax Headers Through the Years

2003: The original. Any idea what we were talking about? No? Us neither...

2005: It's possible we had been watching a little too much Sopranos in those days... That's Puff, by the way.

2011: Colors. Whoa.

2012: The Trifecta (Mesh/Strings/Laces packaged separately)


2013: JimaWAX! The silver is foiled, looks way cooler in person.

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