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Products The only place on earth where the MeshOut is known to live and flourish.

Those of you that have ordered from Jimalax in the past know that we almost always throw extra stuff into Jimalax orders. We do this as a way to show appreciation for your business.

Often times, we get completely carried away with giving out free stuff, resulting in a MeshOut. During a MeshOut, Al or I will randomly select a few orders waiting to get shipped out, open them up, and add a ton of awesome Jimalax supplies. What we add depends on our mood that day (fired-up is a good bet), so you never really know what might pop up.

The really cool part about all this is we bust out the camcorder during MeshOuts and put the insanity up on YouTube for all to see. If you haven't already, please head over to our channel, JimalaxHQ, and subscribe.

You'll definitely want to watch any MeshOuts that occur around the same time you place your order, because you never know... MeshOuts can strike at Jimalax anytime, and anywhere (but usually near our front door, if I'm being honest...).

To check out past MeshOuts, click here. Hopefully we will be seeing your order on a future MeshOut!!!
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