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JimaHIGH... JimaMID... JimaLOW...

These are not the lyrics to the latest smash hit on Billboard's top 100, although they clearly would make for a great hook. No, these are the names of the fully-custom pockets we have worked closely with the stringing gurus over at Stylin Strings to develop, and are now extremely exicted to offer to you.

Jimalax and Stylin Strings have been working together for over a decade, and when Stylin Strings approached us about developing an official, custom-strung pocket, we couldn't say "YES" fast enough. Stylin Strings have been at the forefront of pocket customization since their inception. In recent years, stringing has been elevated to an art form, and Stylin Strings is the Michaelangelo of the stringing renaissance.

So head on over to Stylin Strings and build the JimaPocket of your dreams.


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