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Custom 5 Diamond Attack/Defense Kit

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Create your own custom kit, choosing from over 23,000 combinations!

Mesh Kit Includes: 
(1) 5 Diamond Mesh Piece
(4) 33" Shooting Laces
(1) 15' Segment of Sidewall String
(1) Foam Ballstop

5 Diamond Mesh Description:
5 Diamond mesh offers the largest diamonds of any Attack/Defense mesh. As a result, 5 Diamond tends to be the easiest of the diamond styles to break in. 5 Diamond offers a solid hold, but the tradeoff comes at loss somewhat of shot speed. 5 Diamond is also notable in being easier to string that other mesh styles due to the large hold size. Overall 5 Diamond is an excellent choice for beginner players and stringers, but its unique properties make it a suitable choice for players whose playing style it compliments.
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