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$50 Jimalax Gift Certificate

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What do people love? Gifts!

What do people love more? eGift certificates from!

Take the young man in the photo above, for example. Long beaten down in life by poor mesh and stringing supplies, his youthful joy was restored instantaneously upon receipt of a Jimalax eGift certificate.

So while it may seem that you're simply giving an alpha-numeric code, what you're really giving is the peace of mind that accompanies knowing that your stringing pocket is exactly as you want it.

This particular eGift certificate is for $50.

How it works:
1. You purchase the gift card.
2. We email you your gift card code when your order ships. If you only order a gift card, the code will be generated and sent to your email when we change the status of your order to shipped, even though nothing is actually shipping.
3. Enter the gift card code when prompted during the checkout process. Please note that you do not need to use the entire gift card at once, the remaining balance (if any remains) is saved and can be used on future orders.
4. These gift cards NEVER expire.
5. Make sure not to give out your gift card code to anyone you don't want to use it!
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