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Welcome to, the world’s premier supplier of lacrosse mesh and stringing accessories. Your pocket is a critical part of your game, and Jimalax can help you customize and optimize your pocket to fit your tastes. So please take a look around, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

So what makes Jimalax different? Well, allow me a brief metaphor. As you know, there are three main properties to consider when it comes to lacrosse shafts: strength, weight, and cost. Obviously, high-strength is preferable to low-strength, low-weight to high-weight, and low-cost to high-cost. Unfortunately, you can only ever get two of the desirable traits… economic realities make getting all three impossible.

The same sort of logic applies to many products, including stringing supplies, but the dimensions are more generally; overall quality, level of customer service, and cost. Again, typically, you can only ever get two of three. Think about it. It’s just the way it is. However, our goal at Jimalax is to provide all three.

Well, sure, all companies probably would like to offer all three dimensions, but again, reality tends to annoyingly intervene. So how does Jimalax do it? Well, number one, we are a manufacturer. A lot of our competitors are simply acting as middle men. They can’t innovate because they don’t actually make anything. Their quality slips because they have no direct control over the manufacturing process. We have that control, and it shows in the overall level of quality and innovation found in our products. Secondly, we consider customer service to be equally important as product quality. There is no great mystery here; we just try harder than everyone else, as our customers can attest. Finally, we keep our prices down by continuously working to make our processes more efficient, and we pass those efficiencies along to our customers as much as economics allow.

Perhaps that wasn’t so brief after all. Bottom line, we’re glad you found us. Give us a chance to help you customize your stick, and we’re sure you’ll be happy you found us too.

-Jim Van Loon, co-founder

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