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White Component Traditional Soft Attack/Defense Mesh Kit

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Traditional Soft Attack Mesh Kit:

Mesh Kit Includes: (2) 36” White Tipped Top Strings; (2) 30” White Tipped Sidewall Strings; (1) 15” White Tipped Bottom String; (3) 28” White Shooting Laces; (1) 33” White Pocket Lace; (1) Foam Ball Stop; and (1) Traditional Soft Mesh Piece in a color of your choice.

Traditional Soft Mesh Description:
Along with Traditional Hard Mesh, Traditional Soft Mesh ushered in the mesh revolution. Its mesh style is identical to Traditional Hard Mesh except for the fact that Traditional Soft Mesh is uncoated. Traditional Soft Mesh is extremely easy to break in, offers great catching ability and well as decent shot speed and hold. However, it is not a very durable mesh, and may bag out under extremely competitive conditions. Traditional Soft Mesh is a great choice for beginner level lacrosse players.
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