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JimaWAX! Goalie Mesh

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Originally released in November of 2011, we've been tweaking/improving our JimaWAX! into what it is now, which is, quite simply, the best mesh out there. We've completely revamped both our proprietary wax formula and manufacturing process to bring to you a mesh that breaks in immediately, holds its pocket, and is waterproof. Whereas other wax meshes are simply coated in wax, the wax formula of JimaWAX! mesh is infused into the fibers. This results in a mesh that isn't sticky or flakey, just one that offers peak performance anytime, anywhere.

Elevate your mesh. Elevate your game.

For a side by side comparison between the old JimaWAX! and the new JimaWAX!, check out our YouTube video at
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