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Specialty Attack Mesh

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Mesh Descriptions:

Traditional Rubber Mesh Description:
The grandfather of all mesh, Traditional Hard Mesh is still far and away the most popular of all mesh. Traditional Hard Mesh is fairly easy to break yet will hold its pocket in poor weather. Traditional Hard Mesh offers good hold as well as good shot speed. It is not coincidence that Traditional Hard Mesh remains the king of all mesh even after all these years. This version sports a slightly rubberized coating which helps with gripping the ball. Traditional Hard Mesh is an excellent choice for any player.

American Mesh Description:
American Mesh is a relatively new mesh. It is an evolved version of the Traditional Soft Mesh. It is uncoated and provides the same feel as Traditional Soft Mesh. However, it is nearly twice as thick, which allows American Mesh to hold its pocket better in wet or cold weather. Long story short, it is an extremely durable version of the standard Traditional Soft Mesh.

Ruby Mesh Description:
Traditional hard mesh... evolved. Ruby mesh offers elongated diamonds which help provide better hold as well as a smoother release. Additionally, the longer diamonds allow stringer creativity when it comes to shooters.

Micro Mesh Description:
Natural Micro Mesh is another member in of the next generation mesh along with American and Catapultion Mesh. As its name implies, its mesh style consists of extremely small mesh, by far the smallest of any mesh. Natural Micro Mesh is uncoated, therefore it is actually easier to break in than most players would expect. On account of its extremely small mesh size, Natural Micro Mesh is a fairly difficult mesh to string. Natural Micro Mesh is a very unique mesh style and serves more as a niche mesh that simply offers players another alternative.

PROmesh Mesh Description:
PROmesh offers a heavy construction for ultra weather resistence.

6 Diamond Rubber Mesh Description:
6 Diamond mesh is the original and the most popular of all the Diamond style mesh. Its diamond size is neither large nor small which makes 6 Diamond mesh the perfect compromise between hold and shot speed. 6 Diamond is fairly easy to string, durable, and will hold its pocket through cold and wet weather. This version sports a slightly rubberized coating which helps with gripping the ball. 6 Diamond is a good choice for any kind of lacrosse player. The people have spoken, and 6 Diamond mesh reigns supreme over the Diamond family.

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