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Released in Fall 2012, METAmorphoMESH represents the latest in mesh evolution. METAmorphoMESH (or MetaMesh, for short) features traditional hard mesh diamonds on top, bringing with it the smooth, familiar release of regular hard mesh, and halfway down transitions into Ruby mesh, which provides the superior hold of larger diamonds in the lower pocket.

MetaMesh also marks the unveiling of our new JimaWAX! 2.0 coating. Like the original JimaWAX!, this coating helps make the mesh water resistant, but this improved version eliminates much of the flakiness of the original formula.

As an increased measure of customization, we are offering MetaMesh in two color combinations. Please select your colors above.

Each piece of MetaMesh is hand-made to order, and as a result, each piece will have slight variations. Due to the involved manufacturing process, it may take us an extra day to get your mesh ready, depending on the time your order is placed. But don't worry, it is worth the wait.
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