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JimaWAX! from the JimaLAB

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The JimaLAB... now open to the public!

Yes JimaBROS, we are opening the mesh vaults to you in order to offer unprecedented mesh customization. Gone are the days of limited mesh options and colors. Welcome to mesh utopia.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick a base mesh style.
2. Pick a color fade (the fades are labeled in the picture above, note that the Kingpin is always white in the middle).
3. Pick your colors. Color 1 corresponds to the red above, whereas Color 2 corresponds to blue.
4. Sit back and relax as our team of highly trained mesh alchemists get to work on your custom mesh.

All pieces of JimaWAX! from the JimaLAB come coated in our JimaWAX! 2.0 wax coating. This proprietary blend is applied through a top-secret process, and results in a mesh that is both broken in yet holds a pocket. As for weather resistance, this stuff has been trained to not even notice rain or snow (it's basically the mesh version of Rambo).

Please check back often, as more customizable options will be available in the future!

And as always, all of our mesh is fully manufactured and hand finished in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona, USA.
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